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Two Poets (Fremantle Press, 2011, 228 pp) features the work of two poets – Andrew Lansdown and Kevin Gillam. Andrew’s contribution, a 98-poem collection titled The Colour of Life, comprises the first half of the book.

The website Good Reads recently posted a review of Two Poets by Annerliegh Pappos. Concerning Andrew’s contribution, she writes:

I love the first half of this book. Lansdown is an interesting poet. Totally unashamed of using the exclamation mark and it works for him mostly. His poems about childbirth and his growing child, and the relationship between this and mental health are sublime. Totally human, never gratuitous.

The poem ‘Heat: After the third day of Desert Storm’ is stark perfection. The images are so vivid whilst using plain language.

Possibly my only criticism is the overly-lamenting style of some pieces. It can be a little on the bush ballad side for me.
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