Little Matters: a gathering of 89 haiku & senryu


Andrew Lansdown

Picaro Press (Warners Bay, NSW), 2009
(chapbook, 28 pages)
ISBN 978-1-920957-85-8



Back Cover Blurb

I admire greatly the way in which Lansdown’s world is full of the beauty, intensity and wonder of natural significances: birds, trees, colours, sounds, their permutations and human import. Such things are a touch of the eternal we can all experience. – Rod Moran



Eight haiku from Little Matters

The polished surface—

a white egret hesitates

to put its foot down.

            © Andrew Lansdown


In the stoneware bowl

after the small bird’s bathing—

rainwater wobbling.

            © Andrew Lansdown


A little breeze—

and lollipop kisses from

the red poppies.

            © Andrew Lansdown


Mist on the hill …

recalling the urge to lift

her bridal veil.

            © Andrew Lansdown


Like a turtledove’s

throat in the heat—the infant’s

fontanelle, pulsing.

            © Andrew Lansdown


She looks at him

as he looks at her … too late

to look away.

            © Andrew Lansdown


Seashell, haiku—

both offer a hermit crab

a place to live.

            © Andrew Lansdown


Flying off, the seeds

of the hakea nut leave

an imprint of wings.

            © Andrew Lansdown


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