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Chapter 1 of With My Knife by Andrew Lansdown


Chapter 1 of Dragonfox by Andrew Lansdown


Chapter 1 of The Red Dragon by Andrew Lansdown


Title poems from the poetry collections of Andrew Lansdown


Title stories from the short story collections of Andrew Lansdown


Poetry Park – Panel (full size) with Andrew Lansdown’s poem ‘Happiness’


Two children’s stories from Abiding Things by Andrew Lansdown





Other websites with information about and copies of Andrew’s poetry and fiction:

1. The Universtity of Western Australia (Scholars’ Centre) has archived drafts and papers of Andrew’s work. View the “Scholars’ Centre Guide to the Papers of Andrew Lansdown – Scholars’ Centre, University of Western Australia Library – Reference number: MS 108” at:;cs=default;ts=default?DwebQuery=Hrtus-Jurina,+Pavol&DwebSearchAll=1

2a. The University of New South Wales (Australian Defence Force Academy Library) has also archived drafts and papers of Andrew’s work. View the “Guide to the Papers of Andrew Lansdown – Australian Defence Force Academy Library – Reference number: MS 74” at:;cs=default;ts=default?DwebQuery=Hrtus-Jurina,+Pavol&DwebSearchAll=1

2b. The “Guide to the Papers of Andrew Lansdown – Australian Defence Force Academy Library – Reference number: MS 74” can also be viewed at:

3. AusLit, the Australian Literature Resource, which documents the literary works of Australain writers since 1780, has itemised 788 of Andrew’s published works. View the introductory page to AusLit’s “Lansdown, Andrew” bibliography at:{622e8f302d1fb91812edd8a3c16e0696cd1f0e82e697b7a9609cca725af619bb}2C{622e8f302d1fb91812edd8a3c16e0696cd1f0e82e697b7a9609cca725af619bb}2CL

4. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation has produced a 40 minute program on the poems of Fontanelle. It is titled “I Could Teach Bamboo About Emptiness – The Poetry of Andrew Lansdown” and was Broadcast Saturday 4th June 2005 on Radio National as one of the weekly Poetica series. View details at:

5. The First Australian Haiku Anthology website has four of Andrew’s haiku. Go to:


6. The Quadrant magazine website has archived many of Andrew’s poems published in the print magazine since 1998. Go to:

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