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The online journal StylusLit has published Andrew’s poem, “About Emptiness”. Appearing in Issue 12 (September 2022), the poem is a set of three haiku on a common theme.

As stated on the journal’s website, “StylusLit is an Australian, bi-annual online literary journal, which publishes poetry, short stories, creative non-fiction, novel excerpts, interviews and reviews.”

“About Emptiness” is reproduced below. You can also read it on the StylusLit website here.


About Emptiness

.         .i
About emptiness—
would you learn from the bamboo
or the human heart?

.         .ii
About emptiness—
Buddhist monks can’t say how it
got in the bamboo.

.         .iii
About emptiness—
the bamboo’s offer to store it
is bold but hopeless.

        © Andrew Lansdown

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