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Six of Andrew’s poems have been included in the new 1108 page anthology, Australian Poetry Since 1788, edited by Geoffrey Lehmann and Rober Gray and published by the University of New South Wales Press.

The rationale for the antholgy is stated on the inside jacket:


“A good poem is one that the world can’t forget or is delighted to rediscover. This landmark anthology of Australian poetry, edited by two of Australia’s foremost poets, Geoffrey Lehmann and Robert Gray, contains such poems. It is the first of its kind for Australia and promises to become a classic.

“Included here are Australia’s major poets, and lesser-known but equally affecting ones, and all manifestations of Australian poetry since 1788, from concrete poems to prose poems, from the cerebral to the naïve, from the humorous to the confessional, and from formal to free verse. Translations of some striking Aboriginal song poems are one of the high points.

“Containing over 1000 poems from 170 Australian poets, as well as short critical biographies, this careful reevaluation of Australian poetry makes this a superb book that can be read and enjoyed over a lifetime.”


The poems the editors selected from Andrew’s body of work are: “Four Men”; “The Grasshopper Heart”; “A Good Night”; “The Muff Bees”; “Warrior-Monk”; and “Lighting a Match”.

Retailing for $69.95, Australian Poetry Since 1788 can be purchased from bookshops, or from the publisher at:

Several reviews of Australian Poetry Since 1788 can be found here:

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