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From time to time Andrew receives encouraging comments from school teachers and children about his fantasy trilogy, The Chronicles of Klarin (comprising the novels, With My Knife, Dragonfox and The Red Dragon, all published by Scholastic Australia under the Omnibus Books imprint).

Recently a New Zealand teacher emailed Andrew to say she had been reading the novels to her students. With her permission, her kind letter and the delightful notes from her students are reproduced below:



Dear Andrew Lansdown,

I am a teacher in a small rural school on the Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand. There are 22 students in my class aged 8 and 9.

This term I have been reading your trilogy of fantasy novels The Klarin Chronicles, to my class. They are totally captured by them and asked to write to you when they found your website. They want to show you the cardboard box portal we made. It is a very popular quiet place for reading and writing in class time. I have attached a photo. The children all wanted to write too so I have copied their letters below.

Thank you for your inspiration and imagination.

Best wishes

Margaret Gibson (Teacher Room 4 Whenuakite School)

The children’s notes to Andrew follow:

Dear Andrew Lansdown,

Your books are so interesting. The dragonfox is scary but the red dragon looks cool. We made a cardboard box with a triangle opening. Is the circle an opening too?

Yours sincerely Courtney. I am a girl.


Dear Mr Lansdown,

I loved your story With my Knife but The Red Dragon is even better. I like the way Yasni is bossy to Colyn.

From Riley

To read the rest of the children’s comments (along with Andrew’s responses), click here.

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