Vale Andrew Burke

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Left: Andrew Lansdown and Andrew Burke, 2022

Right: Susan & Andrew Lansdown and
Jeanette & Andrew Burke

Photographs: Susan Lansdown, 21 February 2022


Andrew Burke passed away on Tuesday, 23rd May, 2023. He was a widely published Australian poet and was widely respected in Australian literary circles. More importantly, he was a loving husband to Jeanette and father to Miles, Charles and Alice. He was a good natured man who was a good friend to many.

Andrew Burke was also a good friend to Andrew Lansdown, who will be conducting his funeral service at Karrakatta Cemetery on Friday, 9th June, at 10.15 am. Friends and admirers of Andrew B. are invited to come and pay their respects.

Some of Andrew Burke’s poems can be read on the Other Poets & Poems page on this website here.

A poem by Andrew L. for and about Andrew B. can be read on this website here.

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