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Little Book of ButterfliesThe National Library of Australia has published two of Andrew’s poems – “At the Close of Summers to Come” and “Caterpillars” – in an anthology titled Little Book of Butterflies (ISBN 9780642277404).


As stated in the blurb on the back cover, “Little Book of Butterflies, is a delightful blending of images of Australian butterflies, from the Librarys collections, with Australian poetry. In the hands of artists such as Ellis Rowan, Harriet and Helena Scott, John Lewin and Charles McCubbin, the transience and beauty of these delicate creatures enliven the words of inspiration, hope and reflection by well-known poets including Judith Wright, Andrew Lansdown, Dorothy Shaw, Diane Fahey and Mudrooroo. A gorgeous showcase of butterfly illustrations and poetry, Little Book of Butterflies will appeal to all those searching for a perfect gift or a beautiful publication to savour for themselves.”


The National Library of Australia has published poems by Andrew in two other anthologies: The Little Book of Trees and The Little Book of Cats, and has requested permission to use another of his poems in the forthcoming anthology, Little Book of Banksias.

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