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The National Library of Australia has just released the latest book in its Little Book of … series – Little Book of Banksias. The editors have included one of Andrew’s poems, “Banksia”, from his first poetry collection, Homecoming.

The back cover blurb for Little Book of Banksias states:

The banksia is quintessentially Australian. Known and loved for its brush-like flowers and sweet honey nectar, the plant embodies both the beauty and harshness of the Australian landscape.

Little Books of Banksias features poems and extracts by some of Australia’s greatest poets and explorers, including Dorothy Hewett, Archie Weller, Douglas Stewart and Edward John Eyre.  These insights sit alongside works by renowned artists, such as Ellis Rowan, Adam Forster and Ebenezer Edward Gostelow.  Inspired by the collections of the National Library of Australia, Little Book of Banksias is a delightful showcase of some of our most beautiful Australian ‘bush candles’.

Andrew’s poems also appear in three other books in the NLA series – Little Book of Butterflies, Little Book of Trees, Little Book of Cats. Another of Andrew’s poems has been selected for Little Book of Orchids, scheduled for publication later this year.

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