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Of the 95 Australian poets who published poetry collections in the past 12 months, 17 were chosen for the ABC Radio National’s “Around the Nation” edition of Poetica that was broadcast on Saturday 13th September at 3.00 pm (and again on Thursday 18th September at 9.00 pm). Andrew was one of those 17 poets, represented by his poem “Outhouse Haiku” from his book Inadvertent Things (Walleah Press).

Poetica’s website has the following introduction to “Around the Nation” program:

For this show, producer Mike Ladd read his way through 95 new Australian poetry books published in the last year or so. He says, “I favoured poems that looked out as well as in, captured a time and a place, embraced a wider politics, gave you something to feel beyond the default melancholy mode, but also something to think about; poems with wit and social comment. Also, some very polished, even beautiful writing, remains a page phenomenon, but radio is a sound medium; the poems have to communicate on being heard, not by being studied on the page. This selection was made with that in mind.”

The full “Around the Nation” program can be played or downloaded from the Poetica site, here: http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/poetica/around-the-nation/5497508

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