New poetry collection by Shane McCauley

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Andrew’s friend, Shane McCauley, has published a new collection of poetry, titled Ghost Catcher. The collection has been published by Studio magazine, which has given its entire 125th edition to showcase Shane’s poetry.

Here is one of Shane’s beautifully realised poems from Ghost Catcher:





Startled mid-stride

by this icy gust

the returning cat

black-arrows through

tunnel of its sudden fear

is chased along

the leaf scattered path

of inelegant anxiety

scoots past reaching branches

and all the claws

hidden in the hunting cold

until escapes scurry

in the brain and it

unhurriedly sloughs off

the moment

and steps calmly

from the rain.

            © Shane McCauley

Shane McCauley’s work is featured in the FELLOW WRITERS pages of Andrew’s website. Read more of his work here:

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