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The December 2012 issue of Quadrant magazine contains four of Andrew’s poems: “South”, “Away from Canada”, “Cynosure” and “Foul Play”. While all four poems can be read online only by Quadrant subscribers, the poem “South”, concerning the poet’s stay in the United States of America late last year, is reprinted below:




This is America and I don’t know

the birds or their migrations.


But I recognise this little gaggle,

this travelling trio, of Canada geese


grazing on the grass verge

of the hurtling eight-lane highway.


Such an unlikely place! Yet

they will not stay on the outskirts


of Chicago for long—they are

charting their way south for winter.


South—the same direction

as my home, the direction always


pulling at the loadstone of my heart.

                    © Andrew Lansdown

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