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The September 2018 issue of Quadrant magazine contains two of Andrew’s poems: “Them Shoes” and “Meditations on Emptiness”. “Them Shoes” is a free form poem of 26 stanzas and “Meditations on Emptiness” is a gunsaku consisting of two tanka. While the tanka suite is a sombre reflection on the human condition, “Them Shoes” is a light-hearted account of the poet’s encounters with festival-goers on Bourbon Street, New Orleans. The first two stanzas of “Them Shoes” are:

Everything is bourbon and bonhomie
here in New Orleans on Bourbon Street.

It’s party-time and revellers keep time
with trumpet, trombone, tuba and sax …

Both “Them Shoes” and “Meditations on Emptiness” are included in Andrew’s next book of poetry, Distillations of Different Lands, which will be released by Sunline Press later this month, September 2018.

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