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The May 2010 issue of Quadrant magazine contains a review by Hal Colebatch of Andrew’s latest poetry collection, Birds in Mind: Australian Nature Poems. The review, titled “Resonance in the Natural World”, begins:

Andrew Lansdown is one of a very small handful of West Australians who, for more than 30 years, has committed himself steadfastly to writing, with poetry a major part of his output. His many books include the popular series of children’s adventures beginning with With My Knife, and collections of essays. He has recently launched a website and has an impressive collection of literary prizes. He has, from his first work, established a distinctive and individual voice.

Birds in Mind, a very substantial collection of 224 pages, consists mainly of “nature” poems, of birds, fish, flowers and animals, often with a Japanese cast to them. “Lansdown spices the world with pinches of finches,” according to Les Murray. However many of these have deeper resonances behind them, such as the grim “Poised on a Premonition” and the equally grim “Blowfish” …

The full review can be found on this website here. It can be read on the Quadrant website here.

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