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Quadrant March 2014

The March 2014 issue of Quadrant magazine contains five poems from Andrew: Frog Cacophonies, “Kyoto Blossoms”, “The Unheard Stags”, “Faces”, “Jizo Stones by the Three-Storeyed Pagoda”.

With the exception of Frog Cacophonies, these poem were written about and after Andrew’s stay (with his wife, Susan) in Kyoto in March-April 2013.

“Jizo Stones by the Three-Storeyed Pagoda” touches on the sorrow experienced by many Japanese women after abortion, sorrow they express in devotion to Jizo, a Buddhist bodhisattva who they believe will help the souls of their lost children (mizuko) to escape from the purgatory of Sai-no-Kawara.

The poem, along with a photograph of the Jizo statuettes, is offered below:

Jizo stones, Nara. Photo (c) Andrew Lansdown, 2014


Jizo Stones by the Three Storied Pagoda

Kōfuku-ji, Nara


Treading softly the deer

graze among the Jizo stones


where mothers shed a tear

for their aborted children


and try to stem their fear

that the children suffer there


the hell they suffered here.


            © Andrew Lansdown, 2013

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